Now offering the Sony PMW-F3

pmwf3 Need your shoot to have a cinematic feel, Im now offering a complete Sony PMW-F3 camera package that shoots in the true 35mm sensor format with a variety to lens and recording options. This camera has amazing latitude and the ability to make your next shoot look like it was made for the big screen.


Amazing low-light sensitivity. Gorgeous highlight handling. Able to see into dark areas without undue noise. The PMW-F3 responds to light and color beautifully, as directors of photography can attest. It's all made possible by an original Sony ExmorTM CMOS image sensor purpose-built for the PMW-F3. This is not some DSLR image sensor retrofitted for video. In fact, the F3 image sensor pixels are four times the size of typical DSLR pixels, equal to a two-stop advantage. It all adds up to one of the most eagerly anticipated cameras in Sony's history.